Eric Johnston is an accomplished and seasoned artist as well as an exceptionally gifted educator. Eric builds accomplished dancers through development of confidence, integrity, and artistic perspective, in addition to imparting the art of classical ballet through a systematic and thoughtful process. At this company, you are invited to explore and develop your artistry through seasonal performances in addition to the challenging and enjoyable dance classes available. Whether you're seeking a nurturing environment for your little one, or wish to explore the art of dance yourself, I highly recommend you visit the studio!




Although I have been dancing since I was seven years old, the first good teacher that I have had is Eric Johnson. I learned more in the two years that I took adult ballet lessons with Eric, than the 20 years of lessons previously. I loved classes and performances with Detroit Ballet, and will always look back at my time with fond memories. Eric is a wonderful teacher and any student would be lucky to learn from him.


Kathryn Etre


I loved class at the Birmingham Dance Academy- It's not often in open classes in NY that you get any personal corrections at all and I got two in only one class.  Eric has a knack for being able to size up a dancer, and perhaps a person, very quickly: the corrections he gave me were not only subtle, but were both things I had been working on by myself for a long time now.  The fact that he was able to notice them within only one hour of seeing me dance was remarkable.  The correction he gave me about my fouettes was the more impressive of the two, because a fouette turn is so fast and complex that it takes a quick eye to diagnose the specific problem preventing the completion of the turn.  He could have very easily told me to get on my leg, but he told me to releve  on my way to second position rather than after, thereby balancing me on my standing leg- he taught me how to turn rather than simply expecting an outcome.  I really appreciate that.


Miriam Akhavan-Tafti

New York, New York, USA


Eric Johnston is an amazing dance instructor. My Daughters have danced under his direction and performed with the Detroit Ballet for the past 12 years. Since the age of 3, it has become a home away from home for my family. I have been particularly impressed with the way the students learn to work together and to support and help one another to become the best they can be – both as dancers and as people. My daughters have had the opportunity to perform in Ballets such as  Nutcracker,  Swan Lake,  Peter and the wolf,  Sorceries Apprentice, and  Pas de Quartre, as well as dance recitals. They have done performances for the Omni Arts where they have been able to bring the love of dance to students who might not otherwise have had a chance to see live ballet.


Sharon Rivera






Ballet, Jazz, Tap


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Professional Dance Coaching and Choreography

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Eric Johnston is a second generation Ballet Teacher, with a BFA from University of Cincinnati, and a Principal with London Ballet Theatre and many other companies at home and abroad.

Eric Johnston


Detroit Ballet;
Betty Johnston Dance Studio; and Birmingham Dance Academy.

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10-11am Beginning
Adult Ballet

4-5pm 7-10 yr Ballet

5-6pm 4-6 yr Ballet

6-7pm Teen ballet

7:00-8:30pm Adult Ballet

8:30-9:30pm Adult Tap


10-11 am Adult Ballet

6-7 pm Intermediate Ballet

7:0-08:30 pm Adult Ballet



4-5 pm Private

5-6 pm  7-9 yr Ballet

6-7 pm  Teen Ballet

7-8 pm Intermediate Tap

8-9:30 pm Adult Ballet


5-6:00 pm Private

6:00-7:15 pm Ballet

7-00-9 pm Adult Ballet


5-6 pm  Ballet


9:30-11 am 6-9 yr Ballet

11-12 pm 3-5 yr Ballet

12-1:30 pm Teen & Adult Ballet

1:30-2:30 pm  Beginning Tap

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3-4 pm  7-9 yrs Jazz

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